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Irregardless – Good grammar, it’s hot! March 13, 2011

I think good grammar is important and attractive! As a VA, it is part of my job to notice grammar, spelling and the proper use of words. Common mistakes can do serious damage to an otherwise stellar reputation. Think about the image you project and proofread, do some research, look it up…or ask me!

I will share some basic rules and talk about common mistakes over the next few weeks.

Rule 10.  Irregardless

Regardless of what you may read or hear people say, irregardless is an unnecessary and illogical substitution for regardless.

For some strange reason, this hideous word has slipped into the English language. Think for a second about the logic behind the construction of the word irregardless: The prefix ir– means “the absence of,” and the suffix –less means “the absence of.” Is it really necessary to indicate the absence of regard twice? I think not.

Remember that regardless is a complete word on its own without the redundant ir– at the beginning.



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