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Micheline Harvey: Virtual Assistant, real person/Adjointe Virtuelle, mais tout à fait vraie

Momentarily – Good grammar, it’s hot! April 10, 2011


Momentarily can have two meanings: (1) in a moment, or (2) for a moment.


  1. The food will be served momentarily.
  2. The meeting will adjourn momentarily.

Often the context will make it clear which meaning is intended (clearly food is not going to be served for just a moment), but sometimes the meaning can be ambiguous.  In looking at the second example above, one might question whether the meeting will adjourn for a moment or in a moment. To avoid confusion, be sure that your intended meaning is clear from the context, or simply substitute momentarily with “in a moment” or “for a moment.”

Which meaning of momentarily do you use most often?



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