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I’m not a good friend August 18, 2012

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I’m not a good friend. At least, this is how I feel. A tweet from a wonderful lady in my cyber world that basically said the very same thing made me think about it yet again. I like people, and I have friends. I just don’t have that many. I e-mail, sometimes call (not often because I hate the telephone). I send birthday greetings and silly messages just to say hi. I remember birthdays and I enjoy finding just the right card or gift or surprise for my friends. Sometimes, I just like to send them a gift for no reason, just because.

On occasion, I go to breakfast or lunch with my good friends. Sometimes I take road trips. Sometimes I attend parties or just hang out. But I don’t do this often.

I’d love to visit my friends who are in other cities and countries, but I don’t do that very often either.

Time gets away from me, life takes up so much space. Work keeps me busy and, I admit, I also need my down time and my solitude when I can get some.

I barely see my family enough, let alone spending the time I think I should with my precious friends.

I should be there when they are grieving. I should show up to cheer them up when they are down, have lost their job or received bad news. I should have them over for dinner and go places with them. I should do so much more.

But there just never seems to be enough time or energy to be there in person for all of them.

I love them, I enjoy them, I am always happy to hear from them and give them news.

And yet, I still don’t think I’m a good friend.


2 Responses to “I’m not a good friend”

  1. Toastie Says:

    I think you are a FABULOUS friend!

    • matamich Says:

      Awww, thanks Toastie! I think it’s because I (like many others) believe that we could do more, and sometimes it’s beyond our capacity for various reasons. You see TV friendships and movie friendships and you want to be just like them.

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