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You’re gay? Well then I don’t love you anymore. April 6, 2013


I’m tired of hearing stories about people who stop speaking to friends or family members who come out to them as being gay. I’m sick and tired of hearing about how awful it is for the parents, siblings, etc.

 Have you ever considered how horrible it is to have to pretend to be what you are not in a society where there is still prejudice and violence and you feel that even the people who are closest to you, even your own parents, will no longer love you if you are honest and true to yourself and come out as a gay man or woman?

 This is the root of the problem, people. If this pressure and judgement did not exist, then gay and lesbian youths would stop pretending to be straight, entering into heterosexual relationships and marriages and then coming out much, much later and upsetting everyone, including their own children!

 How can you honestly say that you love your child and yet turn your back on that same child when he or she admits his true sexual orientation? How can prejudice and fear affect true love?

 It makes no sense. And as long as we don’t address the true root of the problem i.e. society’s prejudice, judgement and violence, there will continue to be heartache, sadness, tension and even the unthinkable. Wonderful, caring, loving men and women may turn to suicide because the people that they love most can’t get past petty judgement and fear.

Take a look at the real problem. Then make an effort to change.


2 Responses to “You’re gay? Well then I don’t love you anymore.”

  1. It seems slowly its becoming easier for people to come out, yet there’s still a long way to go. It’s funny that America likes to declare itself a leader and yet in the case of equality seems to always be behind the times.

  2. gamebearor Says:

    Well put Micheline. I am saddened that you keep hearing such stories. I have rarely had anyone react poorly to my coming out to them, with the exception of my parents who I have not spoken to for almost 20 years because of it. However, I have had such supportive and positive responses from my straight friends all my life. It very much outweighs the negative energy from my parents that I have cut out of my life. I am finding that the men I am interviewing for my book have had primarily positive responses as well. Keep your spirits up! There are loving and accepting people out their too – more so than the others, I believe.

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