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I deserve July 16, 2019

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Youre+seriously+lucky+to+have+me_01I deserve to be seen. I deserve for you to be proud of being with me, for you to take me out, hold my hand, smile just because we’re together and not care who sees us. I deserve to be introduced to your friends, your kids, your family eventually… even if there’s no rush. To be a part of your life, not to hear fake or lame excuses.

I deserve to be aknowledged, even after what we had, especially if it lasted so long. To feel that there were some geniune feelings, that you cared. That you still do because I’m a pretty great person, all things considered, and usually, I’m told I’m a bit unforgettable (gee, I hope that’s true…). I’m far from perfect, but I do my best and every word, every effort, every feeling is sincere. That, I can garantee.

I should be taken for runs, for walks, on road trips and to shows. Continue my quest for the best burger, go to silly movies and laugh at the dark humor that only some can truly appreciate. I should be your “plus one” at parties, functions and get-togethers.

For as long or as short as things last when your life collides with mine, I deserve to shine. Because I’ll always be proud of the man I choose to spend time with, and with what I give, he should give back the same.