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My daughter, my teacher September 16, 2012

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My daughter is all grown up. From the baby I carried and gave birth to, protected and nurtured, cuddled, fed, hugged and kissed, kept warm and safe, to a toddler, a preschooler, a little girl, a teen with all the challenges along the way as I did my best to set a good example, today I realize that she is the one teaching me to live.

She moved out of the house amidst heartbreak and drama and moved to her father’s house, where she has more space and more independence, and less Mom.

She drives her own little used car everywhere she needs to go. She finds solutions to problems and new, unknown situations. She goes out, participates, she puts herself out there.

My daughter is much less of an introvert than I am. And, although I completely understand the meaning of being an introvert, and I know that it does not make me less of a person as many mistakenly believe, or as society has wrongfully led us to believe, I also know that for me, leaving my comfort zone is far more of a challenge.

Watching my daughter do it all, although she is much braver than I will ever be, I feel stronger, happier, and I push myself because if she can do it, then so can I!

And I tell myself, that if my daughter can teach me important lessons, then I must have done something right!


The Car/La Voiture – Stuff my family says/Conversations de famille August 17, 2010

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Teen: “Are any of you driving up town this afternoon?”

Mom: “No, I’ve been up town three times this week.”

Teen: “SIGH…alright then. I will never get a job because you NEVER want to give me a ride.”

Mom: “Ask Grownupmale to move his truck and take my car.”


Mom: “Okay then.”

Teen: “SIGH GROAN. I guess I’ll never get a job then.”

Mom: “Well, you can always clean the house for me.”

Teen: *disappears into her room with loud angry music*


MissAdo: « Allez vous en ville aujourd’hui? »

Mère: « Non, ça fait trois fois que j’y vais cette semaine. »

MissAdo: « SOUPIR…bon d’accord. Je n’aurai jamais d’emploi car vous ne voulez JAMAIS me reconduire. »

Mère: « Demande à MâleAdulte de déplacer sa voiture et prends la mienne. »


Mère: « Ok. »

MissAdo: « SOUPIR. GÉMISSEMENT. Je suppose que je n’aurai JAMAIS d’emploi, alors. »

Mère: « Eh bien, tu peux toujours faire le ménage de la maison pour moi. »

MissAdo: *disparaît dans sa chambre et fait jouer de la musique très forte*