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Micheline Harvey: Virtual Assistant, real person/Adjointe Virtuelle, mais tout à fait vraie

SUB-ZERO YOU – THROUGH MY EYES December 29, 2017


(Just kidding… that’s not you, that’s Jack)

Unflattering picture, red-faced, snot-nosed, hair is a mess… not that you can see the hair at this angle and with what you’re wearing in your actual picture. Windblown, tired, clumps of ice, sleet and snow sticking to the strangest places. There are dark circles under your eyes. I am quite sure that you realize this is far from your most flattering photo. But it’s funny, and it’s on point, because we’re freezing in this sub-zero polar cold snap. And yet we dress up, and run outside like crazy kids. Because we crave the endorphins, we need the me time, we want the bubble, and of course, we kind of like the fact that people in their warm cars may gesture that we’re nuts, but secretly, they think we’re brave and they are a bit jealous. They even wonder if they could do that, or wish they could. And it pleases us. And we’re proud.

The strange thing is, despite how bad that picture is, and although you look like something from a 1950s stop-motion movie about the abominable snowman, I still find you attractive.

I wish you could see that yourself.