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Giving back February 9, 2014

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It took 86 blood donors to help save my Cousin Cindy’s life.

An active and involved hockey mom and taxi mom with a regular job, who had always been in good shape, she never imagined that feeling tired and strange after going out for a short run with a friend would be the beginning of the scariest ride of her life.

Cindy needed a new liver, and time was running out. She slipped into a coma for 17 days. Her life was suspended as a team of healthcare professionals worked to save her, and as her Mom, her kids, her siblings and close family put their lives on hold to be there 24/7.

Now, three months later, Cindy has barely been home for a month after her ordeal and is giving back in her own special way. She has spent the week thanking donors at the mobile blood donor clinic, personally, and letting them know that their gesture is important and saves lives. She has also set a goal to convince and recruit at least 86 new donors to refill the blood bank and perhaps even surpass this goal, so that others can benefit from live-saving transfusions as well.

To me, this speaks volumes about the kind of people I am lucky enough to have in my family. It makes me proud, and it reminds me to do my part.

Give blood, it’s a life-saving gesture.


Happy Virtual Holidays/Joyeuses Fêtes Virtuelles December 13, 2009

For a Virtual Assistant, the holiday season is often a time of emergencies and rush projects up until mid December, then a quieter time when clients are making the most of their holidays, celebrating with family and friends, traveling, or simply taking some time off. This is a great opportunity for VAs like me to work ON their business, go over the year that is ending, set goals, restructure, and prepare for the New Year ahead.

I believe that it is also a time to be thankful for the clients, mentors, colleagues and friends that make my job as a VA possible, thus helping me be exactly what I want to be.

Thank you for being there, for believing in me and for embracing the virtual work relationship that I offer. Thank you for your support, advice, encouragement and continued confidence. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to do the best job in the world for me!

I look forward to an even better, more exciting, more challenging year in 2010 and I sincerely hope all my people are along for the ride.


Pour une adjointe virtuelle, le temps des fêtes est souvent une période d’urgences et d’échéanciers serrés jusqu’à la mi décembre, suivie d’un moment plus tranquille pendant lequel les clients profitent de leurs vacances, célèbrent avec leurs parents et amis, voyagent ou prennent tout simplement un peu de repos et de détente. Voilà une merveilleuse occasion pour une AV comme moi de prendre du temps pour travailler SUR son entreprise, revoir l’année qui se termine et se fixer des objectifs, restructurer et se préparer pour la nouvelle année qui s’en vient.

Je crois aussi que c’est un temps propice pour être reconnaissante pour les clients, mentors, collègues et ami(e)s qui rendent mon travail d’AV possible, m’aidant à faire exactement ce que je veux faire dans la vie.

Merci d’être là, de croire en moi et d’envisager la relation de travail virtuelle que je vous propose. Merci pour votre support, vos conseils, votre encouragement et votre confiance. Merci de me permettre de faire le métier parfait pour moi!

J’envisage une année encore meilleure, plus excitante et avec davantage de défis pour 2010 et j’espère que vous serez tous à bord pour l’aventure.